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6 Tips To Observe After A Pedestrian Accident in Lancaster

  1. Check for injuries

. 2. Call 911

  3. Swap information

  4. Take notes. Document everything.

  5. Don’t admit guilt.

  6. Call a pedestrian injury lawyer.

Don't go it alone.  Let a pedestrian accident injury lawyer help you.

Call a pedestrian accident lawyer in Lancaster as soon as possible and before speaking to any insurance company, including your own insurance company. Usually, insurance houses will contact you straight after a pedestrian accident. You risk giving information, carelessly and unintentionally that can cause serious damage to your pedestrian accident accident case. However, if you’ve spoken to your pedestrian accident attorney first, he will guide you through making the report to your insurance company in the right way and give you instructions on your next steps.

If there are injuries and damages, do not settle a claim without Lancaster pedestrian accident legal representation. Meet and discuss with your Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyer before anyone and before you start accepting any personal injury claim settlement offers in Lancaster, PA.

Overall, it’s important to take proactive measures right after a pedestrian accident in Lancaster. Ensure that you seek medical attention immediately, protect any injuries, call for help, document every necessary information and get legal help immediately.

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