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What kind of settlement offer might I expect to receive after being hit by a car?

I was in a roughly similar situation.
Lawyer up now. Do not even exchange pleasantries with the insurance guy, just say "you'll need to talk to my lawyer."

They will offer you a structured settlement, meaning it has a nominal value of (say) $100,000, but they only pay (say) $20,000 up front, and pay out the remainder $4,000/yr over the next 20 years. This could actually leave you owing money to the hospital, since $20K obviously won't cover your stay.

Your goal should be to get a lump-sum payment that will cover your upfront medical costs, any future medical costs you might incur as a consequence of this accident, and lost wages. A lawyer will also look at how much cases like yours generally get settled for in your area, how much they're awarded if they go to court, likelihood of winning in court, etc. Settling is better unless you're extremely vindictive: it just takes less out of your life. You're also likely to get the money sooner (though not soon).

The medical insurance situation has changed since I had my accident (and it may yet change again), but my accident would have been considered a pre-existing condition if I changed insurance, and therefore excluded from coverage. Something to bear in mind.

You should also bear in mind that your lawyers will be taking their cut (probably ~33%), so you need to be made whole after that. Also bear in mind that if you have insurance—and I hope you do—your insurer will subrogate your claim, which basically means that they get paid back what they spent on your hospitalization before you get any cash. A good lawyer may be able to get them to reduce the amount of their subrogation.
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Feel free to use our free online motor vehicle settlement calculator.  The more information you have before your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accidents the better questions you can ask.  This will help you choose the best attorney for you and your case.

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